Overwhelmed by dozens of separate remote controls my wish is to have a simple few buttons remote with which I can control all my stuff. Starting with the TV, audio, home cinema, doors, windows, etc. I hope to some day have a button all off which I can push when leaving home and everything will be promptly switched off including the iron on the second floor, the kitchen oven as well as shutting all the windows. Imagine, you can shut all the doors in your car with just one button click. Moreover, regardless of continuous development in the automotive industry we still use almost the same control devices to drive a car as we used 50 years ago. Anyone who can drive their own car can easily drive some other brand of car. Compare how it differ with home automation, I have about 10 different remote controls and about the same number of iPhone apps. Sometimes it is a nightmare to do simple tasks with this arsenal. Furthermore, when my mother comes to visit me she is simply unable to switch on her favorite TV show when I’m not around.

In my eyes OpenRemote is the solution for this embarrassment. It interfaces with any hardware, it can run on almost any platform and finally it is free! If you are an enthusiast like me, you can get your hands dirty and develop your own automated environment. On the other hand, if you just want get the things done you can contact me or one of other OpenRemote certified integrators; just click the logo below.


Employing a certified integrator would certainly speed up the development and guide to optimal solutions. Frequently it would also give an idea to do some things which one did not think were possible at all.